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Kunzite, Coral & Amethyst Tassel Necklace

Mindy Grutman Jewelry

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Tassel Necklace of Kunzite Coral & Amethyst. A statement piece with colors reminiscent of the corals of the sea. Mindy Grutman Jewelry.  All the natural stones of the world transformed into luxuriously wearable beauty
Kunzite, Coral & Amethyst Tassel Necklace

This is a statement piece of uncut  polished Kunzite with carved Coral & hand tied natural Amethyst tassel.

Colors evocative of fan & angel skin coral of the Caribbean Sea grace this elegant tassel necklace.

Accents of gold 18k pl & Amethyst. Focal carved dragon pendant of lavender hand cast resin.

One of a kind


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